Friday, March 3, 2017

Overheard at Booth 3: An Aging Casanova

AC: Yeah we finally moved out of Tulsa because the wife said I'd slept with half the city there before I met her.  Said she couldn't go to the grocery store with me without running into someone I'd slept with.

CF: So you were a real Casanova when you were younger, then?

AC: Oh, yeah, definitely. But looking back on it, I realize now what it really was.  It wasn't just horniness, it was actually because, well, OK, I gotta be honest with myself: I only got a certain number of moves.

CF: Moves?

AC: Right. You know.  Moves.  I only got a certain number of them.  I don't know what it is.  From what I can tell, guys out there got hundreds of moves.   Keep their women happy.  Me, I only got about four or five.  So, by the time the woman realized that I only got a certain number of moves and started to get bored with me in bed, I moved on.

CF: Sure it wasn't just you?

AC: I dunno, maybe, but I don't like to think that it was the ladies' fault, I mean, I dated some exciting women, some dull women, some in-between women, so the only common factor was me.   So, then my wife came along, and we've been together for awhile now, and I think it's just because we click because she's got the same number of moves as me.

CF: So you're, like, made for each other, then?

AC: Yeah, something like that.  I suppose real love comes when you have someone you can be boring in bed with together, and you don't mind it at all.  Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my takeaway.

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