Saturday, August 3, 2013

Overheard at Table 5: Attack on the Block

Lucky says,
Attack on the Block.

Verble, Niall, and John say,
Attack on the Block?

Lucky says,
Came out last year.  Inner city kids, Brixton, I think, become the unlikely heroes against an alien invasion.  What's cool is that these are gang kids, small time thugs, junkies, losers, the whole lot of 'em.  Yet the alien monsters falling out of the sky are killing them all off, and they have to figure out how to kill them,

Sounds interesting.

You mentioned Shaun of the Dead, and not that I'd put it on the same level - since Shaun was gutbustoutloud laughter, this one is definitely close.  And it really has the twist by making the setting the projects.  The dialogue is hilarious, the only problem is getting through the accents.

Niall says,
Shucher gob, mate, wha fooo-gn accent youah oahn abow'? 

Yeah.  Like that.  But once you key in, you start picking up some great lines.

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