Saturday, October 1, 2022

Overread at Table 1: Today's Prompts


#EverydayErotica280 955 Broad

My wife still remembers age 16,
when her older sister
made fun of her broad shoulders.

"You look like a quarterback"

She's never worn a sleeveless dress since.

Ah! but those broad shoulders,
allow that tiny woman
to hold my body
so close
so tight.

#haikuhorrorprompt 434 Haunting

Amazing, really,
what a little haunting will do:
delicious madness.



#horrorprompt 866 Note

Grandpa forbade anyone to touch the piano.
Made in 1794, covered almost always by a thick blanket.

But, one day, he was in the garden, and I lifted the lid & snuck my hand to the keyboard, just one note, I thought, just one...

and in response

they came


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