Saturday, August 6, 2022

Overheard at Table 4: SlamWords #61st Edition - Saturday Morning


Aug 6

#SlamWords #61stEdition er6



Perfect Moon that night

I was hunting on the opposite slope from where

the avalanche plowed

the side of the mountain,


from across the valley

I could hear the quiet

whimpers of

all creatures

buried in the snow,


and all asleep

by sunrise.





Aug 6

#SlamWords #61stEdition er7

Don't Look Down


She was riding beside me,

singing, "Don't look DOWN

a new day is breaking,

been so long since I

felt this way..."


but she was cute

and made the long road

seem shorter,

so I didn't correct her.


Now, that's how

I sing

that song.






Aug 6

#SlamWords #61stEdition er2

Vertical Cliffs



Cliffs of Moher.

There's a reason they're a

screen saver.


Straight drop a skyscraper down

into the frothing sea, that

churns to chase the sun

all the way


to America




Aug 6

#SlamWords #61stEdition er1 Rugged Terrain


After a Full Moon,

I never know where I'm gonna wake up.


One time, middle of the

Sonoran desert:

30 miles of rugged terrain.

Shoes ripped to sht.


Some migrants shared their water.


When I found my rig,

I brought em in.


Fk La Migra





Aug 6

#SlamWords #61stEdition er5

Howling Winds



I know y'all just wanna

hear about the Change,

the Moon, the Hunt,


I love it

It's all I live for.


But I gotta say, y'all'll

never understand






all the other nights feel

when the only thing howling

is the wind




Aug 6

#SlamWords #61stEdition er3

Harsh conditions/icy fear


Harsh conditions

is the nicest way to

describe the

brutal bitch

that is Saskatchewan

In Winter.


Even the sky is frozen.

Your every breath,

icy, Fear

will get you killed


Just pedal down,

keep yr rig


on those roads.



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