Saturday, August 27, 2022

Overheard at Table 3: A Psalm (of Sorts)

A Psalm (of Sorts)

Lord, how easily the people dismiss You.

They claim that You are not real.

Also, they cry, that were You real, 

Then You are uncaring.

How can they know You?

How can they feel You as I do?

Even I, Your worst follower

(lazy in prayer, lazy in study)

Yet I feel You, there here

everywhere, more every day.

I used to not feel Your presence

and even now, at times, I doubt

But still I know, I know

You are the Great I AM

You exist and You ARE

beyond all this

I know You hear our petitions

Even if You do not seem to listen.

Lord, let our petitions be worthy of Your ears

Lord, come to us in our time of need.

Lord, equip us to be ready to proclaim You

Lord, conform us to Your IS-ness.

Remove all doubt

Make us sure.



Last stanza added 2022-0827

[NOTE: this psalm can be re-worked in more of an ee cummings style.  Need to play on the "Infinite ARE" and "IS-ness"]

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