Thursday, September 2, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: What is Destroying America

 what's destroying america is this worship of the wealthy.  it sets up an unattainable goal.  you wanna be just as wealthy as the rich, and when you can't achieve it, you just feel worthless, then you think that they got their wealth by being somehow better than other people, and that turns into a worship model: their opinions matter more, their ideas are the ideas that everything thinks should be followed.  And that is what they use to make more money, to consolidate more wealth, and thus, increase their power.

and how does that destroy america?  Seems to me that only makes it stronger.

how do you figure that?

well, they got their money somehow.  That means somehow that they are just naturally smarter.  Gotta follow smart people, y'know.

talking with you, I think I might need to change my opinion.

good to hear.

yeah, the wealthy aren't what is destroying america.  It's dipshits like you who think they are worth frothing over.

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