Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Overheard at Table 3: Singles and the COVID Drought

Lucky Moran: Sometimes on Twitter, when there are a few ladies who talk about not having had sex in months or years ...

Otis Redwing: Oh yeah, that COVID drought... really hit the singles hard.

Lucky: ...sometimes, part of me, as a gentleman, you know, I want to offer my services.  But then, I think to myself, that'd be unfair.  I mean, I'm a lousy lay, and it's unfair for someone's first time back in the saddle to be such a horrible disappointment.

Otis: That ... and you've got a wife.

Lucky: That too ... I mean, at this age, I've only got enough energy to disappoint ONE woman, y'know.

Otis: Apparently I do know.  Now.

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