Thursday, May 2, 2019

Written in Booth 4: new song tentatively titled "Front Porch"

Front Porch

Sitting out
on my front porch
Thinking 'bout
carrying this torch
Now you're gone
You've moved away
Sun's going down
Skies are grey

Laying back
in my rocking chair
Smell of your weed
In the air
Yeah smoking the last
joint I found
Thinking of you
heading out of town.

You're in his car,
bare foot on the dash
Sure hope he don't
run out of cash
'cuz if he does
you'll take the wheel
& go looking for
new hearts to steal.


I'm looking out
on my front lawn
Just a patch of grass
but at least it's home
Feel the breeze
in my hair
Smell your weed
in the air

The smell of your weed
 - fading now -
In the air.


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