Saturday, April 27, 2019

Overheard at Table 2: The Haircut and Netflix's "Godless"

So I was getting my haircut the other day and the lady was telling me that she doesn't mind taking customers late in the evening, because her husband is at home on disability.  Finally had to retire, and can't really do much of anything any more.

So he sits around all day and watches Westerns.

She said she hates Westerns.  But she has to watch them because he won't watch anything else.

I told her about Godless on Netflix.  Suggested that she might want to watch that with him.  I mean it's a Western, a damn good one too, but it's also a little different.  I mean, my wife doesn't like Westerns, but that one popped up on her feed and she watched the first episode and got hooked for the whole one season series.

But as I was driving home that night I was thinking that, man, if I were ever disabled and did nothing but watch Westerns I would be so depressed.  I mean, I would want to at least do SOMETHING with all that time, like maybe write my own Western movie, or something... or at least write reviews and put them on a blog

... like I'm doing right now.

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