Saturday, May 4, 2019

Overread at Table 2: Notes from the 23rd Edition of Slam Words

#23rdEdition #SlamWords

Prompt: There was a time when

There was a time when she laughed at everything I said and now the laughter is dead, dead like the light that's gone out of her eyes as she sits at the table drinking tequila and telling me "Vete, pinche comedian! See if you can make HER laugh!"

Prompt: Keeping secrets

Cops popped in to the washateria to ask if Paquito was around. He was wanted for a break in. Rita said they hadn't. When the cops left, Maria opened the lid to the washer where they'd squirreled the boy. The sisters were good at keeping secrets

Prompt: What would have happened

"Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Dad had made that big break in college?" I asked Mom this as Dad played trumpet on the balcony. She smiled and had this faraway look in her eye. "You wouldn't be here," was all she said.

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Prompt: Where do you go to escape?

Crystal sat on the roof of the brownstone, looking out across the night, the city lights scattered like fallen stars. He had texted her earlier, "Where do you go to escape?" She almost texted back "here" But she knew if she did, she would be caged.

R10 (I think): #23rdEdition #SlamWords
Prompt: 3AM confessions

David and Scott and Matt and Mike were glad to cut out of the reunion and find a table at hole in the wall called the Raging Lion, where they could have a few beers and reminisce about their high school days were filled muscle cars, mix tapes, and 3AM confessions.

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