Friday, March 9, 2018

Overheard at Table 3: Black Panther Breakups

Crystal:  So I'm driving to work yesterday morning and I'm flipping through the stations and sometimes I get tired of that and leave it on one station and it's on the R&B station and there's this guy on there talking to the DJs about how his white girlfriend got him tickets to go see Black Panther.  And he was talking about how after seeing the movie he realized he had been lying to himself and really just going against his race by dating a white girl.

Maurice: Going against his race?

Crystal:  Yeah, what kind of shit is that?  Is there something in the movie about a special race of women?

Maurice:  The Wakandan special guard is all-female.  Badasses.   Supreme.

Crystal: Well, that's what this guy was talking about.  He wanted a real woman.  So the DJs they call up this guy's girlfriend and have him break up with her live on air, and he's telling her how he needs a real woman and she hears the other guys laughing and she said, "Who are those people?" and the DJs just rip her to shreds, man, saying, "Hey, you don't get to say 'THOSE people'!"  And they were calling her colonizer and shit like that.

Maurice:  That's horrible.  

Crystal: I mean, why do they let that shit on the radio?

Maurice:  Money.  You can say anything on the radio as long as it makes money.  When people stop listening to shit like that, then it'll go away.

Crystal:  Well, getting dumped like that is a sure way to create on more white racist, is all I can say.
I mean, now this girl's got the story of how she was dumped just because she wasn't black.

Maurice: Wakanda forever.

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