Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Overread at Booth 5: LinkedIn Messenger

LinkedIn Messenger

A message from a friend,
through LinkedIn.  Hadn't heard from him in years,
but he responded to my prompted "congrats" on the
work anniversary.
He's still in Shanghai, the wife has a good
job with GM there,
they've been there for ten years.

He says they don't really want to come back,
what with everything on the news these days.

I tell him about how my wife's co-workers,
engineers, professionals, guys she's worked with
for five years, suddenly speaking in unencumbered voices,
about how the Hispanics should all go back to their countries.

My wife doesn't speak out at work anymore.
Her Latin American accent would be like a flare
shot into the powder keg of these dark skies.


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