Monday, February 26, 2018

Overheard at Table 2: Trump believes he would have run into Parkland

"Trump said today that he really believes he would have run into the Parkland High School even if he didn't have weapon.  I would count that statement as true.  I really believe that he really believes he would.

"But that's the issue.  He BELIEVES he would.  But there is really nothing in his history to indicate that he has the courage, the training, or even the physical ability to run into a dangerous situation.

"And this guy has been in the public eye for decades!  His affairs have been front page Enquirer throughout the 90s and he's in the Home Alone movies and he's never shut up for once since he called for the lynching of the Central Park 5!

"So OK, let's all face it - the man does not live in the same reality as any reasonably minded human being.  Sure, all his followers will babble like insane monkeys all saying, 'Oh yeah! Hero God Trump!' but his followers are just in slavish devotion to cult leader.  Any halfway sane human being would know that Trump is no longer in touch with reality....

"Which is what brings us to the 25th AMENDMENT!

"But the 25th Amendment won't save us, because ultimately it requires 2/3rds of Congress and the VP to state that the President is incapable, and even though we all think that incapability means frikkin insanity, these guys are talking about a bullet in the brain.   Remember that the 25th Am came out after Kennedy was shot.

"So, don't look for anything to save us from this monster anytime soon.  Sorry folks!   We're in for a long hard road.

"But hey, when there is another school shooting, maybe Trump will be nearby.   And maybe he WILL rush in ... and hey, maybe he'll be unarmed, just like he said!"

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