Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Overheard at Table 1: 2024 - American Purge

Going to call this year "American Purge"

As of this date, 23rd of January, Texas Governor Greg Abbott told the Texas Military to deny the US Border Patrol access to the region.

the Supreme Court ruled that it is Constitutional Law that the the Border Patrol have access to the region to cut the wire.

Today, Abbott ordered the Texas Military to defy the SCOTUS ruling and continue to put up razor wire.

In defiance of Constitutional authority.

So ... in short - the argument against immigrants is that "they are coming here illegally and we are a nation of laws"

Yet, when the third co-equal branch of government rules that THIS is the law, because anti-immigrants don't LIKE the law, they will IGNORE the law.

The only logical conclusion is that this is NOT about legality.

It is about humanity.

It is about who we consider "worthy" and who we do not consider "worthy"

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