Thursday, January 25, 2024

Overheard at Table 3: Today's News

Some chatter on social media is saying that other states are sending their militias to Texas' southern border to fight against the Feds.

Unconfirmed, but most likely true in some fashion or other.

Heard on NPR that Mitch McConnell has told the Senate Republicans not to vote on any resolution for funding the government that Trump doesn't approve of.

This means no aid to Ukraine unless more funding for the Border.

Interesting to note several items:

1) Trump is not in government.  There is ZERO reason to kowtow to him.

2) McConnell, in 2008, the moment Obama won the election, brought together a group of Republicans and stated that the Senate's only goal was to make Obama a one-term President.  Therefore, McConnell knows full well that the Senate (and indeed, all Congress) has the power to stop the President at every turn.  There is ZERO reason to kowtow to Trump.  No logical reason whatsoever.

 The only reason that makes any sense is that they are not really working for Trump, but for the powers that are behind Trump.


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