Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Overheard at Table 4: Marriage Games "Where to Eat Tonight"

Of all the marriage games I love to play, my favorite HAS to be "Where do you want to eat tonight?"

It goes like this, let my wife and I demonstrate

Me: Where to you want to eat tonight?

Wife: You choose.

Me: Ha!  I'm not falling for that trap again, where do YOU want to eat tonight?

Wife: I am SO TIRED of your indecisiveness!  Make a choice!

Me: Ok, fine, let's go get Bar-B-Que

Wife: Ew, no!  That's too heavy for dinner.

Me: Steaks, then.

Wife: Also heavy red meat!

Me: Mexican?

Wife: I had Mexican for lunch.

Me: Italian?

Wife: I want to cut back on pasta.

Me: Thai?

Wife: Too spicy.

Me: Chinese.

Wife: Too boring.

Me: Korean?

Wife: Too expensive.

Me: Japanese.

Wife: We had that on Sunday.

Me: Indian, then.

Wife: You always complain that it burns your mouth.

Me: I'm just going to go home and make a sandwich.

Wife: Let's have Mediterranean.

Me: Ok, then, good choice!

Wife: Finally!  I have to do EVerything!

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