Monday, December 11, 2023

Overheard at Table 1: Blue Tea Blues

 Blue Tea Blues

Oh Lawd I was so thirsty
I fell down upon my knees
Oh Lawd I was so thirsty
I fell right down on my knees
Asked my baby for a drink of water
All she gave me was some ol’ Blue Tea

I asked my pretty mama
Oh please have mercy on me
I asked my pretty mama
Please won’t you have some mercy on little ol’ me
She laughed and walked out the door
saying you just go on and drink that ol’ Blue Tea

Now I’m here all alone
Just drinking down this ol’ Blue Tea
Got no water, no liquor, no woman
All I got is this ol’ Blue Tea
Well Jesus on the Cross got Vinegar
and all I got is this damn ol’ Blue Tea

Well my Lord Jesus!
On da CROSS!
All He got was vinegarrrrrrrrrr

… vinegar as bitter as this Blue Tea
dat’s all my baby left of me.


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