Sunday, February 12, 2023

Overheard at Table 3: Dr Matasanos


It was a bright bright morning,
Dr Matasanos I went to see
I had to know if there was anything 
He could do for me

(He said)
If you feel a little ill
Just take a little pill
Have a tiny cough?
Just take a little pill
Breathing a little off?
Take a little pill
With every little chill
You can take a little pill

(I said)
I hurt when I do this.
(he said) Then take a little pill.
(I said) 
I feel a little listless.
(he said) Just take a little pill.
Under the weather?
Just take a little pill

Don't have it all together?
For that, there is a pill.
But Doc, I said, that the problem, you see
I'm tired of taking all these pills!
And Dr Matasanos just smiled at me
and pulled something from his pocket:
He handed me 
(you guessed it!)
One more little pill!




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