Saturday, June 5, 2021

Overheard at Booth 3: Defending US Against China

you know me, I usually am the first to slag on America and point out all it's various sins, but hell last week, I heard that China responded to something Kamala Harris or Biden himself said about China having a human rights problem in Hong Kong.  Some Chinese official came out and said that the US shouldn't be admonishing China about human rights violations when it also has a long history of the same.

well for starters, that's called a logical fallacy, right there.  Tu Quoque.  You too.   It's basically saying, "Well if you can do it than so can I" which is absolutely 100% WRONG!

and next, I'll say this to China and anybody else: yeah, American has done messed up and screwed over people for centuries, but guess what?  WE'RE TALKING ABOUT IT!  We're at least having the conversation!  We're talking about the Tulsa Race Riot, we're talking about red lining in 20th century housing ... Hell, China won't allow people to even say the word "Tiananmen"! 

so, excuse my French, but China can kiss my red white and blue American ASS!


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