Thursday, June 10, 2021

Overheard at Booth 2: Hand-me-down Kicks

Hand-Me-Down Kicks

Lyrics and Music: MR


Inspiration from Mauricio R, showing off some shoes his son had gifted him.

NOTE: I’d been knocking around the thought for awhile that the generation before us had been demanding us to decide what we wanted to do with our lives, when all we wanted to do at the time was drive fast cars and hang out at the mall.  Now that we are the same age as that previous generation was, we look at our kids and we WANT them to go drive fast cars and hang out at the mall, because all they do all day is play 1st person shooters, text, message, eyes glued constantly to a computer screen.


Moderate tempo
Chord progression:
/Fm        /Cm       /Gm       /G#       
(repeat throughout – chorus ends with A, followed by a 4 beat rest)

In the Halcyon days of MTV,
They asked “What you wanna do with your life?”
You said … “I WANNA ROCK!”
But now you got a mortgage, two kids, and a wife

They say every dog has its day
And Life has its licks
But at least you got those hand-me-down kicks
Now your own kids just wanna stay inside
Eyes glued to a screen all day.
They don’t wanna go crazy, drive fast, die young,
They just wanna cash in on the Bitcoin trade.

Every rose got its thorn
And Life has its tricks
But at least your son gave you those hand-me-down kicks
And your day will come

And I got your six
As long as you got those hand-me-down kicks.

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