Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Overheard at Table 4: Lucky Speaks of Hughes

Lucky Moran says, "Langston Hughes for the win!  Fantastic author.  Like Walt Whitman, but who could see America as it really is and still try to love it anyway.  Like Thurber, but with a sharper twist, because he knows where the human follies actually came from.

"Hughes would have been canonized as America's poet if only for his two big hits 'I, Too' and 'The Negro Speaks of Rivers,' but man he didn't stop there ... he created the best 'everyman' character in Simple.  Simple is, simply put, don't mind the pun, pure genius, like Charlie Brown, but in a world that wants to keep him down.

Langston Hughes should be in the Trinity of American Authors: him, Mark Twain, Dorothy Parker."


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