Monday, February 3, 2020

Overheard at the Counter: Claudette Colvin

The Barista, while making a latte, says, "Hm, a person of color for Black History Month?  I'd go with Claudette Colvin...

"She was 15 and the bus was crowded so she sat at the front.  This was a year before Rosa Parks.  They didn't want to use her as an example because she got pregnant by a pastor who she was having an affair with, so they said that would be bad for publicity.

"Basically, that's why they used Rosa Parks.   Who was 42, a 'clean' image for them to protest the segregated buses.   You could say that Claudette Colvin was the true rebel, because her defiance of segregation wasn't staged.

"Just how I feel about it, anyway."

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