Sunday, June 23, 2019

Overheard at Table 3: Nurses in Lousiana

All these jobs are going away, I work at Home Depot and all the cashier jobs are gone, but when the computers go down, we always have to be there to help the customers, because the computers can't fix themselves, you know..

And that's all fine for me, because I'm set to retire in the next seven years, but these kids coming up today, what are they going to be doing?  What jobs are they going to wanna do?   Cashiering used to at least give them the experience with dealing with people and with dealing with numbers and money.
If they don't even have those skills at least, what are they gonna have skills for?

I was talking to my sisters, they're nurse practitioners in Louisiana, but even they are being phased out. Harder to find jobs for them any more.  More and more those jobs are going away too.  What are they going to do?

That's probably gonna spread to here in Houston.  Some day.  Soon.  Who knows?  But when it does, are we just gonna have a whole bunch of people standing around with no jobs and nothing to do?

We don't want that.  When there is a whole lot of people who have nothing to do, they will find some trouble, believe you me, they will MAKE some trouble.... for everybody.

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