Friday, June 14, 2013

Overread at Table 3: MR Psalms (. . . MR not!)

MR Psalms


Psalm 1

Please, Lord help me . . .
I am broken, Lord.  I am scared, my enemies surround me.
There is no one I can turn to,
So I will trust in You, Lord.
Please give me the courage to continue.

If I am to be broken,
Let me be broken before You,
and if I am to be broken before them,
then let them say, “He’s broken, but it was
God who broke him, and not us.”

Lord, my enemies huddle around me,
stabbing me with swords of
“arrogance” “pitiful” “prideful” “malicious”
These are the words that they place on me,
these are the garments they have draped on me.

And Lord, if it be Your will that my enemies crush me,
Then let them say, “We crushed him,
but he went to dust
Proclaiming a Holy Name.”

Verble: So what made you want to try to rip off God?
MR: or David.   But really, there this guy I know, real devout guy, and at the company we works for they are ripping him from all sides - his staff, his management, heads of other departments, they're just tearing him to all kinds of shreds, and it just put me in the mind of some of the Davidian Psalms, so I thought I'd do my own little take on it.
Verble:  Nice.   But you're still trying to rip off God.
MR: Whatever dude.


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