Monday, February 18, 2013

Overread at Table 3: Sweet Waterfall

MR says, "OK, so Verbie overdere sayeth that his song of the day for January 13th was Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois singin' 'May This Be Love' - so lemme jes'put my top-n-bottom eyelids togetter here an lessee, an'

Shadows knit together such unruly scratches, they are the prickles of
dried twigs, hurriedly enlaced to form snares, a badly-made cage
to catch unwary fickle dreams unawares.


  1. At a table nearby, unknown woman
    scratches poetry in a tattered notebook
    between lengthy sips of hot Earl Grey
    heavy on the bergamot
    "Emmylou is fine," she says,
    But nothing speaks to my
    heart like Patsy, though
    my dreams are made of Stevie,
    or maybe, even better,
    Rickie Lee."
    Noting the emptiness
    of the space between, she
    brings a tiny orange from
    her bag, and peeling it slowly
    she whispers to no one
    am understood best
    by Leonard."

    1. FANTASTIC! Welcome to the Cafe! The coffee is on the house, in honour of your wonderful poem . . . (PS, Patsy is the most bittersweet but no one aches like Rickie Lee!)