Saturday, November 5, 2011

Overheard at Table 4

"So my kid was wanting to buy a new little app, probably zombes killin or wahtrever and he tells me hey dad the itunes icon is gone from the descktop and im like what? and i go check and its gone, so i spend the whole morning looking for it and it's nowhere i mean there is a the program that comes up under search but it tells me i can't access it, so i go online and there are all these sites with the same problem but they don't tell me jack squat about what the problem is, but finally it tells me to reinstall it, so im spending another hour trying to download and reinstall and this program is telling me everything about my own computer, and

"so im thinking that Apple now knows everything about my life because they know everything on my computer and im thinking first wow that means they can take over my life, because they've got all my info and then im thinking what can the government do to spy on me because they can probably get all that info from Apple if they wanted and then i thought, wow man that's really paranoid, because they don't have just my info, they've got info from millions and billions of computers all over the world, and they would have to just crawl through all that data, and why would they want MY info anyway, i would have to have something that would really stick out that anybody would be interested in, and really, i'm really not all that interesting,

"and then i thought to myself 'that's the secret to being happy!' - just make yourself so uninteresting that no one will ever want to do anything to you.

"pretty cool, huh?"

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