Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Overheard at the Counter: Michael Berry and Hatin' conservatives

Michael Berry on the radio today made the statement that a lot of liberals claim to hate conservatives but when they are asked why they hate conservatives, they can't give any specific reasons why.

Well, Michael Berry has not, obviously, spoken to many liberals, at least not directly. His closest contact with a liberal has probably been in the pages of an Ann Coulter book. That notwithstanding, there are specific reasons why liberals hate conservatives.

Actually, though, let's rephrase: because HATE is something forbidden by God. We are commanded to love our enemies. And yes, conservatives are the enemies of all decent human beings everywhere. Period.

So, let's say that while we must LOVE our conservative brothers, we certainly can LOATHE conservatism, at least as how conservatism is currently in the American culture. There was a time, not just two or three generations ago, when conservatism was not so wholly descpicable as it is now, so there is hope that one day in the future that it will take on an entirely new meaning, hopefully something more positive.

But let's get back to the point: Conservatism is wrong, and we "hate" it (using Michael Berry's term) because of these points:

1) They worship the dollar.

2) They allow corporations to kill the environment, and to kill people.

3) They are intolerant of any ideas other than their own.

4) They are mean-spirited and cruel.

5) They are hypocritical.

6) They can't abide honest discussion. They resort only to ad hominem attacks and false alternatives when presenting their arguments.

7) They spawn vicious hatemongers like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

and, since you dweebs like specifics, let's have some specifics:

8) Warrantless wire taps

9) Halliburton

10) Enron

11) Iraq war (both of them, but especially the second.)

12) Waterboarding.

13) Holding US Citizen Padilla without charge for over a year in direct violation of the Constitutional right he was born with.

13) Killing US Citizens on foreign soil without due process (OK, I'll admit, that was under a Democratic President . . . but you know you liked it!)

14) Slavish devotion to the death penalty.

15) Your stance against Pro-Choice, especially when the woman's life and health is in danger.

16) Your cartoonish approach to welfare, and describing every single welfare recipient as a fat black woman addicted to crack cocaine and spitting out babies just so she can increase her monthly government payout.

17) Your description of Social Security as an "entitlement"

18) Your endless parade of presidential candidates who spew your "marriage is sacred between man and a woman" when almost every one of them has had numerous affairs, and one who even served divorce papers on his wife while she was dying in the hospital from cancer.

19) This farcical notion of "American Exceptionalism."

20) Your sullen, childish, petulant stance against HEALTH CARE. (That one really grinds me!)

Should I go on, Mr. Berry? Or do you at least get that there are many reasons why Liberals would hate Conservatives. I would, and I did, before I reminded myself I was not put on this earth to hate.

So, instead, I would like to educate instead of hate. Sadly, though, the worst students are conservatives, because they are either too ignorant, too obstinate, or simply too stupid to learn anything that isn't spewed out of the propaganda machine called the Conservative controlled Mainstream Media.

Also, that's a good one too: conservatives have done a real good job of taking over the media by selling the idea that the liberals control the media. Fox News is now mainstream media. All the other outlets are alternative media. Good job, guys. The fascist propaganda machine bought and paid for by the oligarchy is really doing well.

And that's another reason to despise conservatism.

Man, I could go on all day. But like most Americans, I have to go out and work now.

See you at the Occupy movement!

(Just kidding! But I made you cringe just then, didn't I?)

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