Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Overheard at Table 3: Cultural Chatter

1: you get 10 parents in the same room and invariably 7 of them will have a child in G/T. How does that work?

2: yeah, especially when 1 out of 4 kids is graduated from high school functionally illiterate.

3: what I can't understand is talk radio hosts who are actually proud to state that they're rich and that the poor are just some freeloaders. Come on, so you give a fat black innercity mom $12k a year . . . is that anything compared to giving GE $26 BILLION?

4: yeah, but when you add up that 12k over all 300 million of us, that idea is what freaks them out.

5: what freaks them out is the thought that somebody else is getting what is theirs.

2: but what is theirs doesn't really belong to them. let's face it, nothing that we have really BELONGS to us, right of ownership is really an illusion.

1: you're right. you've got stuff, you use it for a time - wear clothes, drive car, put unpaid parking tickets in wallet. all that stuff will pass away, and really the only thing you ever take with you into the future is yourself.

4: that's a little heavy for a Tuesday morning, don't you think.

5: maybe, but it's a lot easier to digest than some guy on the radio saying he's happy to be rich and he doesn't want the government to take it away from him.

3: poor sod. A guy like that is trapped in his own small, small box.

4: yeah, but he'll tell you it's a box made out of gold.

5: a gilded cage is still a cage.

1: true that.

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