Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Overheard at the Counter: The Great Buck Howard

Steppenwolf says, "Saw The Great Buck Howard the other night. Not bad. It was all right. I liked Malkovich. He wasn't as completely weird as he usually is in most of his roles, not so 'etherial' - but he played this mentalist - hypnotist - who is about 30 years past his best days, and this kid who dropped out of law school and has no clue what he wants to do with his life becomes his road manager, and Malkovich is playing Bakersfield and Akron, all these run down community playhouses and still acting like he's up there in bright neon lights.

"The only time that the movie was not believable was when Buck Howard finally admits that he had known for years that he was done. Didn't know why he was fooling himself. Don't know why they wrote that line in there. I don't think that character would ever admit that - not to himself, and even if he did I don't see how he would ever admit it to anybody else - I mean, here's a guy who has truly become his persona.

"But it's a good movie - not a redemption movie - but one of those that at the end teaches you that it's OK to live a mediocre life, if it's a life that you love to do. That you don't HAVE to have the money or the fame that we all beleive that we should have - but that if your particular place in the world is entertaining an aging and thinning segment of society that still wants to believe that there's a little magic left in the world, then, that's the perfect place for you to be, and be happy in it."

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