Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Overheard at the Counter: Mormon/Mammon - seem the same?

Steppenwolf is telling Niall Carter: Hey listen I don't really care about a guy's religion, I mean, he's running the country, he's not saving my soul. But I have to say it's damn hypocritical for half the nation to be totally p'o'd three years ago, all yelling "Obama's a Muslim - just look at his name - Barack HUSSEIN Obama - the name is a MUSLIM name" and then now we've got a Mormon front running the GOP and the same people are dead quiet. What freaking hypocrites. They don't even understand that by their own beliefs, Mormonism is a cult.

Niall says: Yeah, but it's a cult that runs a whole STATE!

Steppenwolf says: But by the standards of those who claim that the Bible is all you need for salvation, then any extant or extraneous text that puts itself equal to or surpassing the Bible is heretical. Like the Book of Mormon - it's very existence claims that the Bible is not sufficient for salvation - as though everyone for 1900 years got it wrong, until Joseph Smith came to town - in a beam of light with a choir of heavenly angels singing sweetly to him, telling him to be fruitful and multiply. and not a peep from those who say their litmus test is a man's belief in Jesus.

Niall: But that goes out the window if he's a Republican.

Steppenwolf: Like I said, I don't care much myself. It's the double standard from the people I can't stomach.

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