Thursday, February 17, 2011

Overheard at Table 4: Freedom of Religion

and then there's religion, you know, listen, I heard my pastor the other day in Sunday School going back to the whole Katrina thing, which, you know, happened years ago, and he was saying there wouldn't have been so much looting if they'd had the Ten Commandments posted at every school in the district, you know, like having some plaque with these phrases on it would suddenly make everybody do the right thing in a crisis, you know, and I was sitting there thinking, you know, this is the same church that tells me that we shouldn't lean on the government for anything, and here they are making the case for the Ten Commandments at every school? That seems, like, you know, a little hypocriticacull, if you ask me, and

that's another thing I was thinking, you know, about that First Amendment, and I went online and I read it and the way I read it it basically is saying that the government can't stop you from worshipping the way you want to, and it can't tell you how to worship, and I was thinking that putting the ten commandments in front of every public building is basically telling us


they want us to worship, which is againt the Constitution, and then I'm thinking that if we really want people to follow Jesus more, then we gotta be better ourselves, and we gotta get out there

more, and talk about Him more, and then

let US be those plaques in front of the buildings, in front of the schools, in front of the courthouses . . .

so I'm gonna take my Bible out there, right after I finish my coffee here and I'm gonna go stand outside and start reading, I think I'll read from Galatians because man I like those letters of Paul especially when they start telling you to be strong and fight the good fight, win the race, and all that, and yeah I see you looking at me and I know it seems weird and all that but,

yeah, I think I'm becoming one of those crazy guys shouting the gospel from street corners.

Kinda like John the Baptist, whaddizzit? Voice crying in the wilderness?

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