Saturday, September 11, 2010

Overheard at Table 4

Niall Carter: OK, so is he going to burn the stupid Koran or not, already?

Hugh Mann: Looks like he's not.

Niall Carter: Well, that's good. Like we need more people on our case for being small minded simpletons.

Hugh Mann: You wanna talk the weirdest thing, I swear to you I heard him on the radio yesterday, they played a clip, he said, (and I'm trying my best to quote here): "The Imam has given me reassurances that he is going to build the mosque a few blocks further away, and so I have decided against my demonstration. We don't want his mosque there, and he doesn't want us to burn Korans!"

John Steppenwolf: What a loon!

Niall: Yeah, you're saying a preacher out in Gainesville Florida with a congregation of fifty people really thinks he stood down a guy who owns half of Fox News?

John: Plus, this is New York! It takes years to build - the permits, the planning,

Niall: the schmoozing!

John: Yeah, the schmoozing!

Hugh: Nice use of Yiddish when talking about an Imam!

Niall: Why thank you!

John: It's not like he can just up and move the dang thing.

Hugh: And of course, the radio played a clip of the Iman saying, "We never said that! Don't know where he got THAT idea!"

John: Good Lord, no wonder the world thinks we're all crazy! The rest of the world's nutcases get quietly "taken care of" while our nutcases get personal calls from the Secretary of State, press, and several mentions in presidential speeches.

Hugh: Well, when you think of it - I suppose, for all his nuttiness, at least that something that makes this country great. In other countries, they'd have put a bullet in his brain.

Niall: Bring us your tired, your poor, your nutjobs.

John: Yeah, but it certainly brings us the most colorful characters! And who said this decade wasn't starting off interesting?!

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