Monday, August 28, 2023

Overheard at Table 2: Alpha Males on my Instagram

My wife keeps sending me videos on IG of Tristan Tate talking about looking good in suits, along with some other guy talking about how getting into shape make people think you are wearing an expensive suit when you might just be in a white button-down short.  These guys are all so roided-out and beefed up and strutting around beaches with women looking on in dripping admiration ... it's actually kinda weird.

- I think she might be telling you to hit the gym.

Yeah, that and she's suddenly on this "Alpha Male" kick.  She wants me to be an "Alpha Male"

- That's what the Tate brothers are selling.

Exactly, so I told her, "These guys have been arrested in Romania for sex trafficking.  What they are selling is Toxic Masculinity Bullshit.  You want me to be an Alpha Male?  OK, fine.  Don't ever send me shit from those fucking shitbags ever again!  How's THAT for 'Alpha Male'?

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