Thursday, April 20, 2023

Overhead at Table 3: On Perfection

In some sense, humans are perfect beings who never achieve their full perfection, merely by nature of their deeply imperfect choices.

However, by extension, nothing that humans ever create can be perfect. All their creations, including Artificial Intelligence, will always lack that potential of the humans to perfection.




However, in full disclosure, when I use the word "perfect" I mean in the Biblical sense, specifically in the sense of following Jesus Christ, which is best described in the letters written by the Apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Perfection, meaning simply, properly equipped to promote the Word of Salvation through Jesus Christ and presenting one's entire life, every moment, into the adequate and just glorification of the Most High God.

Non-believers may simply believe that "perfection" means "leading one's best life including the defense of just values and non-harm to other humans, animals, or the environment."   That definition is far below mine, however, it is acceptable in the context of loving and caring for all things around us.

That said: again, I assert that no AI will ever be able to live up to either definition of the standard of "perfection" ... it is possible that it may come close to the non-believer's definition, but never to the Christian Biblical sense of the word.

That is because AI will never have a soul.

But that is a conversation for another time ...

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