Monday, September 5, 2022

Overheard at Table 4: Body Worlds at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences

"my wife and I really liked this exhibit!  we just decided to go to the museum today - basically, we had just intended to walk around the gardens, but I saw a banner for King Tut and we went in to see it.  Tut's not coming until October, but we decided to check out Body Worlds.  We've seen an exhibition like it before, and they are always good.  These are real bodies, people who've donated their bodies to science and education.

"what I enjoy almost as much as the exhibit itself is seeing the reactions of the people.  There were mothers there with their sons, showing them the different musculo-skeletal structures, there were about three young women there, and the way they were discussing the different exhibits, you could tell they were nurses.

"there was one exhibit of kidneys attached to the urethra attached to the penis along with the testes, and there was a dad with his two sons and he said to them, 'remember what I was telling you about the kidneys and how it filters the pee and the pee comes out?' and the mom behind them clears her throat, because she just KNOWS he's about to move on to the testes, and he immediately shuts up and they all move on.

"then the nurses are discussing the appendix and the reason for it and why can't they stop the appendix from being infected, why does it have to be removed surgically every time it goes bad, and I SO WANTED to let them know that, at least when I had mine out 30 years ago, it was because there is no warning sign and no screening and by the time it goes bad, it's cut that thing out or you gonna die!  and I was ALMOST about ready to discuss it with the nurses, but I know it would just embarrass my wife, so I didn't say anything.

"still, it was a great day and a great exhibit and both my wife and I were happy to see the museum so crowded with people.  That really was a wonderful sight to see!"

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