Saturday, September 10, 2022

Overheard at Booth 3: Life and the Stifles

"Is life not a hundred times too short to stifle ourselves?" - Friedrich Nietzsche

Billy: What's he mean by that?

Joe: Life's too short to drink bad wine?

Jim: My grandmother had that as a fridge magnet.

Bob: Classy grandma.

Billy: So basically it's, "Life's short: go for the gusto."

Joe: Get all you can!

Jim: Comer menos, coger más!

Bob: Sure it's been used to be an encouragement for self-fulfillment, but what about those who use it as an excuse to run over others?

Billy: Stifle others to unbridle ourselves?

Joe: As in Corporate CEOs?

Jim: Sure.  But anybody, I guess.

Bob: Maybe if we just stick to the positive and not dwell on the negative.

Billy: Yeah, Life's too short.

Joe: A hundred times.

Jim: And stifling.



Friedrich Nietzsche

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