Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Overheard at Table 4: Wednesdays

Saw on Twitter someone talking about the new series focused on Wednesday Addams and they said, "Bring back the original Wednesday" and some people were laughing, saying that Christina Ricci is now 44 years old and the actress who played in the original 60s series is now 64.

And I was thinking, would be cool to have a show with all three Wednesdays.  You could have each character playing Wednesday Addams at different points in her life.  Across time.

Or if you wanted to make it a freaky mind-bender, you could have each of them going back in time to meet their younger selves.  Or to be really odd, you could have the oldest one still in the earliest time period, and the youngest one now, and it's like she's pulling a Benjamin Button and growing younger.

I mean, we've got three actresses here playing one iconic character... let's stretch the cinemagraphic possibilities!

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