Saturday, October 19, 2019

Overread at Table 4: from #MadCarnival "Tommy Sneaks into the Freak Show Tent"

Tommy and Billy crawl underneath the heavy folds of the tent.  Tommy finds his way through before Billy, and lifts the material to find himself facing the back of a woman at a table upon which is propped a large mirror.  Tommy can see her see him in the reflection.

“Oh shit!” Tommy says, then realizes that Billy is gone.   Billy always knows the exact moment to run away, Tommy knows.

The girl turns around in her chair.  Parts of her face appear to be sewn together with scraps of leather and burlap.  The part of her face that is exposed is crimson, sinewed and raw meat as though her skin had been pulled from her skull.

Her one eye, electric, blue, holds Tommy in its gaze.  He has no words for it now, but years later he will  describe it as being like a bolt of lightning that lit up the night during an indigo thunderstorm.

The Patchwork Girl holds a finger to her lips, instructing Tommy not to shout, not to make a sound.

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