Sunday, September 22, 2019

Overheard at Table 3: The Bathrooms of Parliament

C: ... so in Victoria we went into the Parliament building, where they make the laws for the whole of British Columbia, and it was so beautiful, all the stained glass and the chairs all plush, and it was just incredible, and then we went to the bathrooms and it was really a shock, because the bathroom is now for everybody, there's no men and women's bathroom, it's for both genders.

... So Jennifer and I were in there and we were trying to get our business done fast, because we were thinking, what if some guy comes in?  I mean, the doors are like those doors that always have gaps, and I hate that, and then, oh my God, a guy did come in, and we heard him talking to the woman he was with, he was saying, "Let's go and come back, there's someone here"  and she said, "Just go ahead and go, because I gotta go too!  At least you can use the urinal"

... and the urinal was right next to my stall and I was thinking 'Oh my God!' and then Jennifer, who never learned to keep her mouth shut, just up and yells out loudly, "WELL, THAT'S THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW!"

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