Sunday, July 7, 2019

Overread at Table 1: segment from "Like"

you shouldve, like
you should’ve been there it was like it was like
I like
dropped my books all over the floor I mean im like
so frikkin clumsy and I was all down there like
picking them up like a frikkin dipshit and then like
HE like
is right there!
he had like, bent down to like
help me pick up all my books!

                                                                                      Thats frikkin awesome!

No joke! it was like
so wonderful, I mean like
my head was spinning and I like
couldnt speak and I thought I was gonna cry, like
good tears, youknow, not bad tears, and I like
wanted to say something like “U R SOOO HOT!” but like
all that came out was like
‘thanks’ and he was all like
‘itscool’ and im like
crap! my head is soooooo spinning dizzy dancing through the hallway!

                                                                                      is that like
                                                                                      all he said?

yeah!  but just that was enough to keep me giggling the rest of the frikkin day, I mean like
I couldnt concentrate in any of my classes, like
I think I even got afterschool detention,but like
I dont even know!


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