Sunday, July 21, 2019

Overheard at Booth 3: Housewarming party the day before Independence Day

Gene: I just can't believe it, I mean, I was supposed to meet the guy here today for coffee.

Matthew: You still don't know why?

Gene: No damn reason.  I mean, he just shot his sister four times in the head.  I mean, how can you shoot your sister four times in the head?  There's no reason for that.

Matthew: So you said it was a housewarming party.

Gene: The night before Fourth of July.   She had about six or seven friends over.  The neighbors thought it was fireworks.  I can't believe you didn't hear about it in the news.

Matthew: I've been out of town but no, I didn't hear anything.

Gene: Probably not.  These days, you gotta have at least four people killed to make the news.  This guy just killed his sister.  Shot four others but they're all gonna make it.

Matthew: You said he had a kid?

Gene: AND a wife!  A beautiful wife.  Daughter in college.   He's a goddam COO!  I mean he had everything!  I just don't get why he would do something like that.

Matthew: So is he in prison or what?

Gene: No, he shot himself.    Four bullets in his sisters head and shot up the others and then he killed himself.  And we're never gonna know why and that just kills me.

Matthew: Well, it literally DID kill them.

Gene: There's something wrong with all this.

Matthew: Definitely some sort of sickness going on with humanity, no doubt.  Like we're all going insane. 

Gene: It's almost like the rest of us have to be on the lookout and try to keep ourselves from going insane.

Matthew: Like a horror movie.

Gene: Exactly. 

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