Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Overread at the Counter: American Fascist Chronicle - Day 277

Undercover of the Night: The Senate votes to dismiss a CFPB order which denied issuers of Credit Cards from forcing holders to go through arbitration instead of using the court system, a practice which has been proven to be unfair to cardholders, because the arbitrator is usually  in the employ of the card issuer.  Mike Pence, VP, cast the tie-breaking vote.


The VP only works under the direct order of the President.


Trump currently holds that office.


Trump campaigned on being tough on Wall Street.


This is a gift to Wall Street.


Will there be outrage from Trump supporters, who realize that their President has sold them out?




Why not?


Because they have been blinded by his constant lies.  Their senses are dulled and they believe in this image of Trump that is an infantile fantasy.

And this fantasy will kill them.

As it will all of us.

The same night: The Yankees beat the Astros 3-1 in Game One of the World Series.
Both were 100+ game winners.   Only seven times have 100 game winners met in the World Series.


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