Monday, October 9, 2017

Overheard at Booth 5: Coming Out

Fernando: I don't know, man.

Billy: Look, you're gonna have to tell your parents about us at some point.

Fernando: I was gonna wait until my birthday.

Billy: That's in January!  I was hoping we could spend Christmas together.

Fernando: I'll be 18 then and they wouldn't be able to say anything.

Billy: Well they're gonna say something no matter what age you are, especially considering I'm 40.

Fernando: [silent]

Billy: That's what's bugging you, isn't it?   It's OK. You can tell me.  I get it.  The age difference.

Fernando: Billy, they don't even know I'm GAY.  Then, to also tell them I'm in love with someone almost my dad's age.

Billy: I think your dad'll understand.   I mean, he and I have got a lot in common.  We both voted for
Obama ... TWICE!!

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