Friday, June 16, 2017

Overheard at Booth One: That Which Unifies Us

The music connects us in a way that no laws can connect us.  Laws tell us what to do.  Music shows us how to dance with each other: side by side, hand in hand, laughingly slamming chests against chests.

Literature connects us but only when we teach each other our languages, and even then, the words sometimes carry different weights and measures.

Food, now, food connects us in a way even more beyond music.  Food connects us at the gut level, and by gut I'm not being metaphorical.  I'm talking in the stomach, the bile, the liver, the intestines, the mouth, the tongue, the throat.  We may not speak the same languages or read the same literature or like the same music, but when we sit down together and eat each other's food, in that moment we become almost as unified as two bodies creating life.

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