Thursday, May 25, 2017

Overheard at Table 1: Trump, smart or .... nahhh

Man: He’s got his hotel…

Woman: Oh yeah, he was smart to do that then.

He was smart then I don’t know about now. Ever since he won the election, he’s just, well…

It’s the most interesting Presidency I can tell you that.

It’s always something happening.


Woman: I’m gonna fly first class one day.  It’s on my bucket list.


Man: I went to Vietnam in 65, they put me in Pan Am first class.
These days it’s just a Chinese tincan.


Woman: You watch the news they draggin people off the airplane and fights in the lobbies oh Lord!



Woman: If he makes it four years I’ll be surprised.


Man: Well the Middle East was messed up since WW1 when they divided it up.  Cut across trahbal lahns.


Woman: I can’t even wake up watching the news, he’s just tripping all over himself.

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