Thursday, February 18, 2016

Overheard at Table 2: The Ingredients of Success

So many people think that just talent and drive are the ingredients of success.  They forget opportunity.  Talent, Drive, Opportunity.  The three components of success.  You can have them all in different amounts, but you have to have a mixture of all three.

Most of the people who have the talent don't have the drive.  They just think they can take a tiny bit of talent and it'll open the doors to fame and fortune.  Some people have more drive than they have talent, and that'll let you hack out some measure of success, that is, until you come up against someone with as much drive and more opportunity.

Now, opportunity is where most people get stuck.   We've kind of swallowed this BS pill that everyone has the same opportunity.  American Dream and all that jazz.   Not really true.   Kids in Compton or Tuscaloosa Alabama just do not have the same opportunities (connections, backing, etc) as kid in Beverly Hills or Rolling Hills CA.

And yeah, sure, the belief is that the drive will let you create opportunities.  Sure.  Hey.  Whatever.   Point is, you got a lot of people out there thinking only about 2  of the 3, but the triad is what gets you that gold ring.

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