Monday, February 22, 2016

Overheard at Table 4: Follow up to Skype interview

Douglas:  So how'd your interview go?

Michael: It went pretty well.  The recruiter went through my qualifications, then said, 'but there's curve ball they just threw out - you gotta be able to speak some Spanish'  So I told her I did speak some Spanish.  Wife from El Salvador.  We talked for a bit.  Told her I wasn't totally fluent, but she said that was good enough.

Douglas: Think you'll get to meet the client?

Michael:  Hope so.  But then, when I told Analisa, oh MAN! She was all like 'Why did you speak Spanish to her?' and I said, 'Because she's a recruiter!  She needs to be able to shop me to her client that I speak Spanish - the only way to do that is to SPEAK SPANISH!' and Analisa's like 'Is she hot?'

Douglas: Oh boy, what did you say then?

Michael: I said, 'No way, she's hideous!  Festering boils, warts, FEA!' and then she said, 'Show me her LinkedIn!  I wanna see her LinkedIn!'  . . . so she pulls up her LinkedIn and there's her profile of this steaming hot Latina and so now I'M in the doghouse just because the recruiter is good looking!

Douglas: Dude, you always said you liked Latinas because they get jealous.

Micheal: It's not the jealous part that gets me.  It's the retribution part!

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