Saturday, July 6, 2013

Overheard at Table 1: When God Will Bless America

C: God will only bless America when people turn away from their sin.

M: And what sin would that be?

C: Abortion, gay marriage, fornication, adultery, sleeping around, doing drugs, stealing from the government by being on welfare when they should be able to get a job . . . things like that.

M: Hm.

C: What?  You don't agree.

M: Oh yeah yeah, I agree, I just think that's too short a list. 

C: What's wrong with what I've said.

M: It doesn't include anger, rage, pride, hypocrisy, it doesn't include the incessant greed, the clamoring for wealth, people backbiting and sniveling and ripping each other for jobs, for bosses who find ways to get rid of their employees, for laying off 3000 workers so the CEO can get a $17MILLION dollar bonus that year, for companies that cut corners so that oil rigs blow up in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, for chicken plants that dump chickenshit in streams and make cities sick, for food processing plants that keep Mexican workers in cellars underground, for 7-11s that keep Pakistani workers enslaved, for Wal-Mart that keeps foreign workers working 20 hour days in sweatshops so that we can enjoy $7 t-shirts, for all the graft that keeps inner city kids from having safe schools, from all the paid off cops who turn a blind eye when gangs kill each other, for the rampant poverty that creates an atmosphere of drug addiction and gangland killings, for all the people who can't handle their desires because all this culture pumps into them is do what makes you feel good right now right now gotta have it right now!

C: Honey, you're frothing!

M: And that's just the beginning . . . you haven't even SEEN me froth, my dear!   But you want to talk sin?   We Christians always want to talk sin, but we NEVER want to talk about the biggest sin, which is our arrogant pride that we call "Patriotism"    If God were to truly bless America, he would destroy it.

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