Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Overheard at the Counter: "Boo Hoo" Christianity

I'm so tired of "boo hoo" Christianity.   Every Sunday it's the same sob story.  "The hedonists won't let us pray.  The ACLU won't let us have the 10 Commandments in front of schools.  The liberals don't want us to say the name Jesus.  The intellectuals want us all to gay marry and make our teenager daughters have abortions."


If we as Christians truly know that we serve the Creator of LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING, then we have absolutely nothing to whine about!   But still we prance around like a bunch of mewling babes like "wah wah some mean bad ol' liberals took away our lollipops!"

Christianity has nothing to whine about.  It's had pretty much a free ride for the last millennium or so, and quite frankly, if people are anti-Christianity, it's because we Christians have done such a piss-poor job of representing our Christ.

Look, can we expect some Muslim to spread the message of Christ?  Some atheist?  Some Buddhist?  Nooo, we Christians have to spread the message of the love of Jesus Christ.  Frankly, if we had been doing our jobs all these years, every one would be a Christ follower now.   The fact that they are not just proves that we, as Christians, are sloppy, lazy, and frankly, incompetent.

So let's get over this "boo hoo - the world's against us" Christianity and get out there and start digging wells, feeding the hungry, building shelters for the homeless, bringing medicine to the sick, protecting the innocent, seeking justice for those who have been wronged, and providing comfort and companionship for the incarcerated.   

Let's get out there and start WORKING!

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