Thursday, October 4, 2012

Overheard at the Counter: Victoria on Cumberbatch and Laurie

Verble: I met this fascinating woman today, Victoria, had a wonderful spin on the new BBC Sherlock Holmes, we were discussing how, well, I had mentioned how his take on the Holmes character gave it a "Dr House" spin, and she replied with this fascinating observation that Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes is actually incapable of normal social interactions, because of his inherent brilliance, while House is perfectly capable, only chooses not to, because he has detached himself morally.

Niall Carter: So House can and doesn't and Holmes can't and thus doesn't.

Verble: Right!

John Steppenwolf: Great.  Sounds like they should be matched up in some sort of pseudo-intellectual Celebrity Death Match.

Verble: There's nothing "pseudo" about their intellect, my friend.

Steppenwolf:  You DO realise you're talking about fictional characters, right?

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